A New Years Resolution to Stick to

January 20, 2012

Want a New Year resolution that is so easy you’ll actually stick to it and is also really good for you?

Drink a glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon juice when you wake up every morning.

It is good for you in so many ways and both energizing and refreshing. If you like to start your day with a hot beverages, try hot water and lemon. Or, if you want something cool, have cold lemon water.

Dr. David Jockers explains how it benefits your body way better than I can, so check out his short article here: Start your day with water & lemon

It’s quite inspiring. And it will only take you a few minutes.

Not ready to give up your morning coffee yet? That’s cool. Just drink a glass of lemon water right when you wake up, before you have your coffee for the day.

Want something else to read? Check out this entertaining read about what vegans are not: 10 Things Vegans Are Not

Want something to watch? Check out this video on the “fuzz” our body grows. Pretty interesting and makes you feel good about getting on your mat everyday!

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